Bass, one of the most essential elements of the Rhythm Section, is the driving force behind all music. Coupled with a drummer or percussionist, it's the Bass that provides the tonal elements of the music. Whether in orchestral or a rock and roll scenario, Bass is as important in both. For rock music, it's the "pocket" that both the drummer and bassist create in which all of the other music revolves around.

Do you want to be the center of which the rest of the band revolves around? Learn Bass with one of our professional instructors. We offer instruction in bass guitar and upright string bass.

Lyle Cady

Lyle is a state certified music teacher with a masters degree in music and over a decade of teaching experience. Lyle majored in Classical Guitar Performance in High School and college, ultimately receiving his Masters in Music Education from Arizona State University.

He has recorded several original albums, some of which where created alongside former students. Lyle is great with children and currently teaches general music in Tempe School District #3, which currently includes the following schools: Holdeman Elementary, Rover Elementary, and Aguilar Elementary. He has also taught at the Mesa Arts Center and Mesa Arts Academies. Lyle also performs periodically in a local rock band and at weddings and other events.

Lyle's experience and love for all aspects of music make him an ideal choice for a music instructor.

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Duncan Kunz

Duncan has been playing and teaching guitar and five-string banjo for forty years, ten in the Washington D.C. area, and the past thirty years in the East Valley.

While in High School Duncan studied classical guitar with Sophocles Pappas, one of Andres Segovia's Master Class alumni; and flamenco with Torquato Zamora of Barcelona. At Prince George's College in Landover, Maryland he studied theory, harmony, counterpoint, and performance. In his early twenties he studied 5-string banjo with Bill Emerson, Country Gentleman, and attended two Master Clinics by Earl Scruggs.

In addition to doing studio work in both the DC and Phoenix area. He has taught both individual and group lessons in guitar and banjo. Duncan was a former fifth grade teacher in the Prince George's County (Maryland) public schools system. Duncan has also worked for eight years in the Choices Program, a program for Mesa Public Schools junior high schools, which involves presenting class material to 9th graders throughout the East Valley. Duncan plays in two local bluegrass bands, which include the Red Mountain Bluegrass Band here in Mesa and the Desert Ridge Band in the Phoenix/Scottsdale area. Four decades of teaching has taught Duncan that most students want to learn while also having fun. Although he draws from a variety of method books, he will customize his lesson plans to each students particular instance, and try to strike a balance among learning in a stress free environment, mastering a wide range of songs and styles, and making sure that the student is having a good time learning!

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Jason Southard

Jason has been a professional musician for over 20 years and instructing for 15 years. In 2000, he won the Jimi Hendrix Electric Guitar Competition sponsored by Experience Hendrix LLC., Fender Guitars, and Musician's Institute. Placing first won him the grand prize, a guitar performance scholarship to Musician's Institute in Hollywood, CA.

Today Jason lives in Mesa, Arizona with his wife of 10 years and has taught guitar, bass, and trumpet at Buchanan Music. He is currently the Musical Director/Lead Guitarist for recording artist/actor, Christian Kane.

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