We have provided quality rental instruments in the Valley of the Sun for over
thirty-five years.

Our rental instruments are:

  • Top-of-the-Line
  • Requested by the teachers of all the major school districts
  • Lowest Prices in Town
  • Rent nine months in advance, get three months free! (*first time customers)


Band Rental Prices:

(prices include tax, insurance, and Rent-to-Own)
Bell Kit $19.98 per month
Clarinet $19.98 per month
Flute $19.98 per month
Trombone $19.98 per month
Trumpet $19.98 per month
Alto Saxophone $34.95-$44.95 per month
Tenor Saxophone $44.95-$54.95 per month
Bass Clarinet $49.95-$59.95 per month
3 Valve French Horn $34.95-$44.95 per month
3 Valve Baritone $34.95-$44.95 per month
4 Valve French Horn $49.95-$59.95 per month
4 Valve Baritone $49.95-$59.95 per month
Guitar, Amp, Banjo, Keyboard $20-$25 each per month

Orchestra Rental Prices:

(prices include tax, insurance, and Rent-to-Own)
Violin (all sizes) $19.98 per month
Viola (14" & smaller) $19.98 per month
Viola (15" & larger) $24.95-$29.95 per month
Cello (all sizes) $34.95-$44.95 per month

All rentals include a case and a bow.

We rent and sell new and used violins, violas, cellos, and upright basses.

Our business was founded on Musical Instrument Repair and our service department is the best in the area! Our staff will help you pick the right instrument for your needs, teach you how to maintain it, and give you peace of mind by servicing the instrument should it malfunction in any way. Come on in and see. We are always happy to see our customers and we will get your instrument fixed as soon as possible. Our customers get the service that they deserve.


  • RENT-TO-OWN! Earn credit towards the purchase of a new instrument with each monthly payment made.
  • Month to month, allows you to return instruments at any time. You are never locked into a contract.
  • Insurance and Maintenance Cost covers everything. No hassles and no excuses. If your rental is damaged or not working, we will fix it. THAT'S OUR PERSONAL GUARANTEE AND PROMISE TO YOU.
  • Tax and insurance included in an easy monthly rental rate.
  • BEST VALUE - Rent 9 months in advance and get 3 months for free! (For new rental contracts only)


  • Major debit or credit card displaying logo with at least $30.00 credit on the account.
  • A valid State or Government issued ID card

Buchanan Music
714 East Brown Road
Mesa, Arizona 85203


Just west of Horne on Brown Rd